Quality Control

Quality Policy Statement

“Hole Opener Corporation Leadership is committed to continually meeting or exceeding customer expectations by providing products and services of the highest quality in terms of reliability and accuracy. Our success is based on continuously improving our products, processes, and quality management system.”

Customer satisfaction is our goal.

We strive for the highest quality in all of our tools as well as every service that we provide. The leadership of HOC is fully committed to the establishment of our Quality Management System. The development of effective processes and procedures, following ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, has ensured that all products delivered by HOC will meet or exceed customers’ requirements.

The manufacturing of all parts for our tools is done by fully vested vendors with the highest quality materials. Major components are serialized and are fully “HEAT” traceable, with packages available upon request. Tool management software is utilized to track all tools, associated parts, and the rental/sales contracts.

The professionals at HOC conduct thorough inspections of all rental tools that come in from the field. Prior to being returned to inventory, each tool/part is disassembled, cleaned and all components are checked dimensionally. HOC enlists an independent inspection service to analyze all tools, internally and externally, to API, DS-1 and documented quality control standards.

HOC is proud to have earned the reputation for unmatched quality for more than 40 years.