SPB (Z-bit)

An alternative to a conventional bull nose to guide BHAs through pre-drilled pilot holes.

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The HOC Spherical Pilot Bit was created for guiding well bore enlargement tools in a variety of applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaces conventional bull nose in order to avoid “stabbing” into washouts down hole.
  • The unique off-set cutter design is used to prevent side-tracking while borehole enlarging down hole on wiper trips.
  • Rolling motion of cutter enables the SPB to work its way into pilot hole.
  • Followed by a hole opener or underreamer to open hole to full gauge.
  • Jet nozzle in shank keeps cutter teeth clean.
  • Available cutting structures: Sealed Bearing Mill Tooth and Sealed Bearing TCI cutters.


Spherical Pilot Bit TDS


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