A versatile variable sized fixed diameter hole opener.

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The HOC RHO is the most versatile and cost-effective fixed diameter hole opener in the oilfield industry. It is designed to reduce inventory needs and costs. The RHO is a variable size fixed diameter hole opener with interchangeable arms and cutters. The arms and cutters are designed in size matching pairs that may be used to create a different hole size in another size RHO body. The arms and cutters are designed in standard 2" increments and can open as many as 8 standard hole sizes.

Features and Benefits:

  • The RHO line is designed to open hole size 7-7/8" through 64" using nine different standard body sizes.
  • The cutters are carried on the body of the tool and are retained by arms that are held in position with large load screws and backed up by locking
  • Each properly torqued load screws exert over 250,000 ft. lb of clamping force.
  • Efficient hole cleaning due to a multitude of uniquely placed jets.
  • Eliminates need for consumable inventory and the need for size specific bodies. Cutter arms are hard faced for longer life and extended wear.
  • All cutters are Sealed Bearing with pressure compensating actuator to ensure cutter bearings are continually being lubricated.

Cutting Structures available include:

  1. Sealed Bearing Uninterrupted Mill Tooth
  2. Sealed Bearing Interrupted Mill Tooth
  3. Sealed Bearing TCI
  4. PDC
  5. HOC's ADD Cutter

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