Drag Type Stabilized (DTS)

The DT and DTS are useful for cleanout work, small holes, or coil tubing applications.


The HOC Drag Type and Drag Type Stabilized Underreamers were designed to enlarge small holes, coil tubing applications, and clean out work.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cutter blades "scissor" out when the piston is forced down by drilling fluid.
  • Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
  • Tools do not have flow to bottom.
  • Reverse jetted top subs help to disperse flow.
  • Internal jet in piston help to regulate pressure.

When using either type of DTS (3.50" or 4.25") in existing pilot holes, the lower blades (optional) are sized to the pilot hole and upper blades dressed
to desired hole size. The 1.70" through 3.50" OD tools have lower blades designed to cut all the way to center, which is useful for clean out applications.
Cutter blades are size specific with options of PDC, crushed carbide or HOC's ADD cutters.

DTS Specifications

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