Boss Reamer (BR)

An underreamer with high level of efficiency and durability.


The HOC Boss Reamer was designed to combine the proven working designs of the DTU and a more robust body and internals in order to facilitate underreaming
in rotary steerable applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Concentric cutting structure assures a full gauge enlarged well bore.
  • Hydraulically expandable with pump pressure.
  • 3 arm design with PDC or HOC ADD cutters. 9 primary gauge cutters and 6 reaming cutters.
  • Large internal bore for higher flow rates.
  • May be placed anywhere in the string for rotary steerable applications. Non-moving flow tube for better reliability.
  • Minimal holes in body to maximize strength.
  • High temperature seals capable of sustaining up to 500° F.

Boss Reamer TDS

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