BHA Components

Use of BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) Components

BHA Components consist of varying tool types from stabilizers, cross over subs, torque reducers, float subs, float valves, bull noses, z-bits, pony collars, and drill collars. These Bottom Hole Assembly items are utilized in the drill string to achieve connection changes, regulate pressure, help guide the string, add or decrease the length between specific tool types, and generally add weight to the string.

Typical Application of BHA Components

In general, every drill string will utilize cross over subs, float subs, stabilizers, and some sort of collars. Specific applications will dictate if a certain BHA component is required, how many of each product, and where they are placed within the drill string. The drilling engineer or directional coordinator is usually responsible for assembling the BHA to meet the well bore’s specific needs.

Key Features of BHA Components

There are many features to the various types of bottom hole assembly components, click on our specific offerings to find out more.


Stabilizers help to centralize BHA components and increase BHA life.


The Viper is a robust heavy-duty variable size fixed diameter hole opener designed for the harshest environments. The Viper is designed on the proven patented technology of the RHO hole opener. The redesigned angles maximize the cutter size in the body, increase bearing capability, and improved shirt tail protection, and improved seals. It is capable of opening multiple hole sizes by simply changing the arms and cutter. Arms and Cutters are interchangeable and compatible in other body sizes, which will make different hole sizes.

Proven Applications:

  • Pre-existing pilot holes
  • Vertical and Horizontal
  • Oil and Gas, Abandonment, Geothermal, HDD
  • Fault Zones and Swelling formations
  • Improving cement jobs
  • Removing bridges and key seats
  • Hole Opening while drilling in certain applications


  • The Viper is designed to open hole sizes 17-1/2” to 54” using 5 different body sizes
  • Patented and Proprietary cutter retention method
  • Cutters are carried on the body of the tool and are retained by interchangeable arms that are held in position by load screws and backup lock screws
  • Cutters are sealed bearing with pressure compensator actuator to ensure cutter bearings are continually lubricated and hard faced for longer life and extended wear. Specifically designed for the Viper
  • Larger OD Cutters allow for larger bearing packages which increase weight capacity, decreases revolution, and extended life
  • Designed to cut from gauge to minimum pilot hole requirement in 1 stage
  • Arms and Cutters come in various standard sizes and increments of 2” with option of non-standard sizes upon request
  • Eliminates need for consumable inventory and the need for size specific bodies
  • Efficient hole cleaning due to 6-12 jet configuration
  • PDC and ADD (Advanced Drilling Design) cutters are available upon request

Viper Spec Sheet

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Rotary Subs

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SPB (Z-Bit)

An alternative to a conventional bull nose to guide BHAs through pre-drilled pilot holes.


The HOC Spherical Pilot Bit was created for guiding well bore enlargement tools in a variety of applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaces conventional bull nose in order to avoid “stabbing” into washouts down hole.
  • The unique off-set cutter design is used to prevent side-tracking while borehole enlarging down hole on wiper trips.
  • Rolling motion of cutter enables the SPB to work its way into pilot hole.
  • Followed by a hole opener or underreamer to open hole to full gauge.
  • Jet nozzle in shank keeps cutter teeth clean.
  • Available cutting structures: Sealed Bearing Mill Tooth and Sealed Bearing TCI cutters. BHA Components


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