Our Process

Hole Opener Corporation is a completely in-house operation. The entire process of drafting, designing, manufacturing and testing of equipment occurs within our company. Design, development and manufacturing of equipment takes place at our manufacturing facility in Spring, Texas. Assembly and maintenance of equipment, rentals, sales and further research and development efforts take place at our company headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

All in-house. Every step of the way.

At HOC, the design of each tool we develop is based upon meeting the specific need of a customer. Our team will either modify a current tool to adapt to that need or build something completely new to meet the specified parameters and requirements.

In addition to specialized, quality-driven equipment, we offer a support staff that draws upon decades of knowledge and hands-on expertise in the design and manufacturing of drilling equipment. Another advantage we offer our customers is the fact that both design and manufacturing are performed in the same place – allowing us to eliminate “red tape” and delays while also ensuring that each component is of the highest quality.

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