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Founded in 1978 by the late Patrick Alleman, Hole Opener Corporation has grown from a small domestic rental company to a prominent provider of specialized drilling equipment that services its patented tools worldwide.

June 28, 1978: Hole Opener Corporation is established with a small inventory of hole openers, stabilizers, mills and subs.


October 1984: Seeing a need for a new product line, Patrick is introduced to a young engineer, Kent Rives. Begin design and manufacturing of HOC’s first underreamer.


February 27, 1985: Kenneth Broussard joins HOC as the operations manager.


Machine shop is opened and begins building tools.


HOC is approached by a Houston-based company, and begins selling Security/Dresser hole opener spare parts internationally, paving the way for HOC to promote its own line of tools.


The RHO hole opener is born. The most versatile hole opener on the market proves to be an international workhorse.


October 2003: HOC wins First Place at LAGCOE for Inside Single Booth Exhibit.


August 18, 2005: Patrick Alleman passes away. Debbie Alleman takes over as President of HOC.


October 2007: HOC wins First Place at LAGCOE for Inside Single Booth Exhibit.


February 2010: Kenneth Broussard completes his 25th year with HOC.

May 2010: HOC is awarded biggest contract in existence to supply voluminous amount of RHO type hole openers in Brazil.


January 2011: Hole Opener Corporation International (HOI) is established to begin selling and maintaining HOC’s tools internationally.


June 2013: HOC ships inventory of underreamers to Cabinda, Angola to drill a never before attempted pipeline under the Congo River in order to connect the DRC and Angola.


June 23, 2018: HOC celebrated it’s 40th year in business. 1 Family, 40 years of history. How many can say that!?!